Project Energy Connect - Supply Chain Opportunities

Project Energy Connect - Supply Chain Opportunities

Energy Connect is a Nationally Significant Project, hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in infrastructure across the Murray and Riverina regions which will enable the growing use of renewable energy across Australia.

SecureEnergy is a joint venture between Clough and Elecnor, two global leaders with local knowledge in delivering engineering, procurement and construction projects for the power infrastructure industry. SecureEnergy on behalf of TransGrid will build EnergyConnect, a 700km overhead electricity transmission line and one of the nation’s largest energy infrastructure projects. We are committed to you to ensure our region benefits as much as possible from this investment. There will be opportunities for businesses and suppliers from across our region to benefit from this investment.

Find out more about supply chain opportunities in the presentations below.

Each of the below three videos contains the same presentation followed by a question and answer session. The questions answered in each session are different. Want more info? Please feel welcome to contact Edwina Hayes at Regional Development Australia Murray on 0427 267 753 and or Rachel Whiting on 0429 444 213 and at Regional Development Australia Riverina.

Contact Geoff Reardon of Industry Capability Network NSW on 0402 632 027 and to understand the opportunities that may be available along with assistance with setting up your ICN Gateway profile and submitting your expression of interest, or go to for further information about the work and potential supplier opportunities.

Session 1 - August 25 2021: (Q&A session begins at 45 minutes and 30 seconds)

Session 2 - August 25 2021: (Q&A session begins at 41 minutes)

Session 3 - August 26 2021: (Q&A session begins at 45 minutes and 35 seconds)