The Regional Art and Culture Ecosystem of the Southern Plains of NSW (RACEG)


To commit to a partnership between community and Council to develop a Art/ Culture museum.
• That Deniliquin develop an Art/Museum as an adjunct to Peppin Heritage and The Crossing Café, in currently open grounds.
• It will enable traveling exhibitions to be viewed by local residents. It will also enhance the tourism experience by showcasing who we are with exhibitions curated locally.  Cultural tourism has long been recognised as an important part of any region, it is a growing market and will contribute economically, culturally and socially to residents and visitors. This development will add to the attraction of Deniliquin, to visit and to live in.
RDA Murray has been able to develop an understanding about the ecosystem of the region that determines the need for a art/ culture museum, construct a definition for the business of arts and culture in the region, establish a broad plan for Art/ Culture for the region and develop a feasibility plan for an Arts/ Culture museum.